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  • Palm Beach Educational Article of the Month - What equipment is needed to trap a house mouse?

What equipment is needed to trap a house mouse?

What equipment is needed to trap a house mouse?

A house mouse is a slender Palm Beach animal from the family of rodents. It has a slightly pointed snout, small eyes and large ears and hairless tail. They are commonly seen in houses (since they are called house mouse), agricultural farms, commercial warehouses, and among other Florida places where they can access foods and shelter.

Man has been trying to get rid of a Florida mouse for centuries now. Man has designed several devices to get rid of house mouse. There are home remedies such as mothballs, essential oils and peppermint plants. However, none of these home remedies work so man opted to using equipment such as traps.

Advantages of a mousetrap
• This is a recommended method for small mouse infestation
• This is a humane way to capture mouse, instead of poisoning them.
• It will be easier for you to dispose captured mouse – without touching them.
• When the mouse dies, it will be easy for you to locate and dispose the dead body.

Traditional equipment to trap a mouse
• Commercial rattraps. There are several commercial traps available in your nearby Palm Beach hardware or supermarket. These are commonly made of an iron wire with a spring trigger attached to a piece of wood. Once a mouse touches the iron wire, the trigger will spring out, capturing the mouse.
• One-way exclusion funnels. A piece of chicken wire rounded and coiled with plastic funnels at both ends. The funnels serve as one-way entrance for the mouse to get in. once they got in, it will be difficult for them to get out as funnels have ridged edges. The inner ends of the funnels are also designed to be too narrow to fit the mouse from the inside.
• Glue traps. These are also among the classic mousetraps. These are sticky pads placed where there is a possible way for mouse to pass by. The glue is too sticky that it will be very difficult for the mouse to get away from.
• Live traps. These are rectangular wire container with one-way entrance. The opening contains a wood or metal door with spring trigger. Once the mouse stepped in, the cover flaps and gives way for rat to come inside.

When to use a mousetrap
• When there is a small number of mouse in your house
• When you have other pets in the house that might ne affected by a mouse poison
• When it is not advisable to use mouse poison due to food or water contamination in the area
• When it becomes very difficult for you and other household members to capture a mouse

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